Some of you will have noticed that we’ve been quiet over the last week or so. It’s because one or two of the youngsters have had a dirty nose, which we have cleared up. After a couple of horses ran below our expectation, I decided to ease off them for a couple of weeks. Our trach washes yesterday looked very encouraging. We’ll look at a few more next week and hopefully we will be back racing before Cheltenham. We are still hoping Dancing Shadow will go for the National Hunt Chase and Ut Majeur Aulmes is in the Grand Annual.

We find that when horses are a little bit below par, if we ease off they come back much quicker. You can always make excuses for horses such as the ground and the track, but when I realise there is more to it, I prefer to ease off and let them recover. They are all bouncing and really well, and we’ll be ready to go again soon.