We had a very successful open day with the weather behaving. The horses were in great order and a credit to our head girl Katie and her team.

We had on show a lot of young horses, 14 of which will begin loose schooling with Alan Walter this week.

For years Alan has done a brilliant job with our horses, teaching them the fundamentals of jumping so that they learn to organise themselves and get the stride pattern right.

Once they return from Alan’s we’ll take them up to the sand ring where they will jump a small cross pole with a pole two and half strides in front which they will approach in trot and then canter to pop over the jump. After a couple of sessions doing that they’ll jump a small hurdle. Horses pick up jumping very easily but we find the loose schooling with Alan is the key.

Nick Scholfield and David Prichard will school them over the hurdles and we’ll also ask Cieran Gethings to school too. Its lovely teaching the horses to jump, and invariably they enjoy it as much as we do watching them.