Give Em a clump is our first runner at Nottingham since Caoba’s exciting victory under Ryan Moore. The horse today is having his first run for the yard and runs in the hands and heels sprint handicap at 1510 hrs. He has had a nice break and has come back fresh and well, so I’m hoping he should revert to his level of form he showed twelve months ago.

He already has his place in history as he was the reason for the flying tackle made by Hayley Moore (Ryan’s sister, who was suitably dressed in summer dress and high heels) at Chepstow having unseated in the race and galloping loose afterwards. There have been 1.2 million views of the clip.

On Saturday we take Howardian Hills to Jersey to run the following day. He will be our first runner in Jersey and it should be quite an experience. While we are there we will be able to visit Janvrin’s Cove where one of my mother’s relatives is buried under a pile of stones in the bay, he a apparently died of a fever and they wouldn’t let his body come ashore. He was a seafarer/pirate who’s life on the high seas was followed by my grand father Captain Janvrin who fought with distinction in the battle of Jutland, one of the most famous naval battles that occurred in the First World War.