The farm

Higher Shutscombe Farm is a modern training establishment based on 112 acres, within the beautiful rolling countryside of Exmoor. The terrain in this part of North Devon makes is perfect for training racehorses, being undulating countryside which helps to develop high levels of stamina and fitness.

Grass and all-weather gallops

Higher Shutscombe boasts both extensive grass and all-weather gallops, enabling the horses to be exercised regardless of the weather conditions.

Victor has also built an all weather fibre/sand ring canter, which is invaluable for getting the young horses cantering and for introducing youngsters to the joys of jumping.

The fibre/sand canter has proved itself to be a great training asset, enabling the horses, especially the youngsters, to build their strength, stamina and muscle by doing steady trotting and cantering work. The canter is used throughout the season, whatever the weather and is ideal for horses that, for whatever reason, aren’t quite ready to work up the gallop.

The fibre/sand canter also incorporates a schooling ring, which enables Victor to teach the youngsters to jump in a safe enclosed environment. Youngsters first start off over trotting poles, then graduate to jumping bigger poles and hurdles, finally graduating to specially constructed baby fences. The schooling ring encourages horses to develop their confidence and to enjoy their jumping.

Schooling grounds

We have extensive schooling grounds encompassing professionally built fulls size hurdles and fences. Set on a gentle incline the grounds enable the horses to develop their jumping skills. Jumping takes place on a weekly basis with regular visits from top flight jockeys who are part of these regular schooling sessions.

Horse walker and sand school

We have two Claydon horse walkers which are both covered and lined with runner on the walls and floor. We also have a sand school which is used for breaking and schooling.

Turnout paddocks

Grass turnout is a vital part of our horses’ daily routine and with a comprehensive range of turnout paddocks we are able to give them regular time on grass.