All racing as everybody knows has come to a halt in the UK due to the coronavirus outbreak. It had seemed for a time that we were in for a period of racing behind closed doors, but in the end the enormous pressures on the NHS meant that no sport could expect qualified medics to be taken away from the NHS in this time of crisis. Ireland has continued racing on the basis that the medics go back to their health service duties if required and the racing would then be cancelled. I would imagine this was considered impractical because we have a lot more racing and a much bigger population.

It is a time of national crisis and everybody has to do their bit to get through the forthcoming months.

At Shutscombe we are keeping the horses ticking over for the next month and a decision will then be taken on whether they are kept in training or start their summer break early. We were on course to have had our best season for a number of years with some nice horses still to run including Admiral’s Secret, Sweet Adare and River Bray and three exceptionally nice bumper horses who were about to make their racecourse debuts, but this is insignificant in the context of the overall situation.

I hope everybody keeps safe and we all manage to get through this unparalleled situation.